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A Tribute to My Brother
Is your relationship in neutral?
Are you and your partner disagreeing on how to parent your child? Unsure of how to handle these parenting disagreements?
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A Tribute to My Brother

My older brother, Mark, passed away on March 1, 2014 following complications with a kidney transplant. I wanted to write something to read  at his funeral as a tribute to him and as a way for me to say goodbye.
A Tribute to My Brother
My earliest memory of my big brother, Mark, is when he came to live with us inFlorida after his car accident. I can vividly see him in his security guard uniform.

Is your relationship in neutral?

I was recently reminded about the true meaning of relationships. Ironically from two different men. As a female, a therapist, and a wife I am uplifted by reading the words of these two men and their views on marriage and relationships. I hope their words help you take your relationship from neutral to overdrive.
(Adaptedfrom Michael Webb, 2000)
Many people have the impression that as long as they are not yelling at their partner, beating them, cheating on them, or leaving huge messes around the house, they must be good spouses.

Are We Meant To Be?

The idea of "meant to be" within marriage.

We hear this statement all the time. People will say "we were meant to be together". Or the way they met it was "as if it was meant to be".
The idea of something occurring without doing anything is a magical thought. The idea that by some magic or grand design two people were brought together and are meant to be together forever is very romantic.
Yet it is not that simple. The statement of "meant to be" implies something happened without effort.

Love is NOT a feeling

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about LOVE. It is a very romantic notion to think that love is a FEELING that can hit us like a truck and sweep us off our feet. The cinematic fantasy of someone coming into your life unexpectedly, wind blowing their hair, the sun bouncing off their face, and everything moving in slow motion is an image that we are flooded with on a daily basis. We are surrounded by such expectations in perfume commercials, love songs on the radio, romance on your favorite dramatic series, and characters in books.

A Treat for Halloween

I recently received the below article and thought it was a fitting treat for Halloween. Hope you enjoy the end message, as its the true treat that has lasting positive effects.
The following article was first published on October 22, 2008.
With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I'd draw this month's material from my childhood trick-or-treating experiences. I'll start with a rather bold allegation. I just may have been the best candy grabber in the history of Halloween.

Conflict has a bad reputation. Every conflict is an opportUNITY for unity.

The belief that conflict is a bad thing has been confining our needs and ruining relationships for far too long.Conflict has earned a bad reputation. The fear of conflict has grown so large and powerful in our society that often people become prisoners to this fear. They are so trapped in the fear of upsetting others that they deny who they are, their needs, and their views. When did we give the word conflict such power over ourselves and our world?

Let's stop the power trip and take back the word and make it what it actually is in its simplicity.

Healthy Boundaries within Relationships

When people hear the word boundaries many times they view this as a bad thing. They define boundaries as limitations, blockades, or barriers. However, healthy boundaries within any relationships are essential to each person’s happiness as well as the overall success and well being of the relationship  
So rather than looking at boundaries as a negative thing, lets view them as the positives they can bring to our lives. Let’s reframe it and view it as its core components. A relationship is one person trying to connect to another person.
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