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Fun and Free Things To Do This Summer


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Fun and Free Things To Do This Summer

As the last day of school comes to a close we can now start to gear up for summer. After the first week of sleeping in most households inevitably begin to hear the whines and groans of "I'm bored!" What can you do with all this extra time? You have come to the right place for the most recent Fun and Free (or at least close to free) Things to Do This Sumer.
  • Lifetime Fitness (by Kooka Booth)
  • Lifestyle Family Fitness (Crossroads)
  • Fitness 19 (High House Rd and Cary Parkway)

Fun things to do in the area (Free or Low-Cost)

Sitting around the house wondering what are we going to do this weekend?
Are the kids jumping around?
Are the adults going stir crazy?
As the winter comes to a close and the weather warms up there are tons of fun things for EVERYONE to do. Whether it is you and your partner, you and your friends, you having some alone time, or fun for the whole family this guide is for you.  
You have come to the right place for a list ofFREEtoLOW COSTresources for your warm weather fun. Please feel free to add additional ideas and suggestions in the comments section.
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