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Give Yourself the Gifts of Health & Happiness Without Spending a Fortune
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Give Yourself the Gifts of Health & Happiness Without Spending a Fortune

Guest Blog submitted by: Gabriel Patel. Gabriel is a cofounder of He created the website with a group of friends who share is desire to help people live happy, healthy lives.

Living a STUCK life

How long have you beenSTUCKliving a life that does not fulfill you, does not bring you happiness, and leaves you wishing for more?

Such a way of living is like quicksand on the pathway of depression, anxiety, regret, anger, and resentment. The longer you live aSTUCKlife the further down you sink into the quicksand. The further you sink the more debilitating it feels. The more debilitating it feels the more hope for change that is lost.

ASTUCKlife is far more common than people realize.

The quicksand in a

Internet Addiction

Gaming, shopping, emailing, chatting, pinning, browsing, blogging, gambling, pornography, or surfing. The list of ways to occupy your time on the Internet is endless. Add in its easy accessibility thanks to WiFi, smart phones, laptops, and tablets and the lure of the Internet can quickly turn into an addiction.

How can that be? We use the Internet for work, news, bill pay, communication, and much more. Using the Internet is different from being addicted to the Internet.

Which lead us to the question……….

Bariatric Evaluations

If you or someone you love are considering Bariatric surgery or preparing for Bariatric surgery then we can help with this life transition. Bariatric surgery is an important life decision. One that can be both empowering and unnerving. Our Licensed Professional Counselor, Annalisa Youngquist is Certified in Bariatric Evaluations to best assist you on your journey to success before and after surgery.

The American Society for Bariatric Surgery recommends for patients who are seeking bariatric (i.e. weight-loss) surgery obtain a psychological evaluation.
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