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Overcoming Seasonal Depression

The holiday season can be a joyous and sometimes difficult time of year. The winter months bring along the beauty of decorated houses, holiday excitement, and time with loved ones. They also can bring along the difficulties of decrease in temperatures, shorter days and longer nights, increase in financial stressors, increase in pressures to make resolutions for the new year, or sadness due to the loss of loved ones that are no longer here to experience the holidays.  
All of these factors as well as many more contribute to seasonal depression, also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Movement and Depression

In a recent article in the Seattle Times titled “Improving Mental Health by Improving Physical Health” the author discusses the connection between increased movement and decreased feelings of depression.
Of course this is NOT the first time we have heard this. However, this article makes the task seem much less intimidating simply by changing the language we use when thinking of it.
The sheer thought of exercise makes many people immediately roll their eyes and sigh. It feels like yet another chore that “should” get done.
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