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Living a STUCK life

How long have you been STUCK living a life that does not fulfill you, does not bring you happiness, and leaves you wishing for more?

Such a way of living is like quicksand on the pathway of depression, anxiety, regret, anger, and resentment. The longer you live a STUCK life the further down you sink into the quicksand. The further you sink the more debilitating it feels. The more debilitating it feels the more hope for change that is lost.

A STUCK life is far more common than people realize.

The quicksand in a STUCK life is actually FEAR.

It's the fear of change that pulls at your limbs, compresses your heart, and silences your voice. Fear is so powerful because it is an emotional state that is reinforced by your body's physiological responses of fight, flight, or freeze.

What is FEAR?

is a strong opponent, perhaps one of the strongest that we face.  In order to overcome FEAR we must first understand it.

FEAR is:


In the case of the STUCK life, a person FEARS that:

1) nothing will ever change
2) it is too difficult to change
3) they aren't strong enough to change it
4) they don't have the qualities, abilities, or resources to change it (money, time, skills, etc)

These FEARS are NOT real. We are all capable of change. We are all capable of learning the skills needed to create the change we seek.

For example, a person who is STUCK in a job that is unfulfilling and destructive to them stays at the job because they FEAR that they cannot get a better job. They FEAR they are unqualified for a different job. They FEAR no one at the next job will like them. They FEAR that the next job will be just as bad or worse. They FEAR being rejected. They FEAR failing at their goal.

These FEARS are simply false experiences appearing real to them. Perhaps, there FEAR is fueled by a previous negative experience. The person then allows that previous negative experience to define their lives and imprison their future. A current fulfilling life is based on current experiences, not the past. Carrying the past FEAR to the present life creates the False Experience Appearing Real.

So how do you conquer your FEAR in order to break free from the STUCK life?


Silence the negative voice inside your head. Label it, give it a name such as Fear or Self-doubt because that is all the voice is.

Trust in your strengths and abilities. Identify, nurture, and internalize them. You internalize the negative thoughts so why not internalize the positive thoughts.

Understand your goals. For yourself, your career, your relationships, etc. Who do you want to be? What brings you joy?

Commit to yourself and your best life. Create a vision board that you see daily so you never loose sight of your goals.

Keep moving forward. Moving forward by taking small steps to your goals. If your goal is to be a teacher then take a small step by researching the requirements, then the next step by getting your teaching certificate. Each step brings you closer. Keep living in the present. When we live in the past we allow FEAR to enter our lives. When we live in the present we have the freedom to reinvent ourselves daily. Each day is a fresh start.

Before you know it, the FEAR disappears and your STUCK life becomes your past. Your TRUE life becomes your present. Oh, what a powerful gift to give yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

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