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A Treat for Halloween

I recently received the below article and thought it was a fitting treat for Halloween. Hope you enjoy the end message, as its the true treat that has lasting positive effects.
The following article was first published on October 22, 2008.
With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I'd draw this month's material from my childhood trick-or-treating experiences. I'll start with a rather bold allegation. I just may have been the best candy grabber in the history of Halloween.

Internet Addiction

Gaming, shopping, emailing, chatting, pinning, browsing, blogging, gambling, pornography, or surfing. The list of ways to occupy your time on the Internet is endless. Add in its easy accessibility thanks to WiFi, smart phones, laptops, and tablets and the lure of the Internet can quickly turn into an addiction.

How can that be? We use the Internet for work, news, bill pay, communication, and much more. Using the Internet is different from being addicted to the Internet.

Which lead us to the question……….

Random Act In Action---August 31, 2012

This Random Act was submitted to us on September 14th, 2012.
This Random Act occurred on August 31st 2012
"While ordering an ice cream cone from a local fast food restaurant, the family pulled forward to pay and pick-up the ice cream cone. Upon arriving at the window, the worker behind the window stated that it was "on the house" and that the three cones were at no cost. This Random Act of kindness was unexpected and put a smile on everyone's faces. The couple stated they would pay it forward as they pulled away.

Bariatric Evaluations

If you or someone you love are considering Bariatric surgery or preparing for Bariatric surgery then we can help with this life transition. Bariatric surgery is an important life decision. One that can be both empowering and unnerving. Our Licensed Professional Counselor, Annalisa Youngquist is Certified in Bariatric Evaluations to best assist you on your journey to success before and after surgery.

The American Society for Bariatric Surgery recommends for patients who are seeking bariatric (i.e. weight-loss) surgery obtain a psychological evaluation.

Conflict has a bad reputation. Every conflict is an opportUNITY for unity.

The belief that conflict is a bad thing has been confining our needs and ruining relationships for far too long.Conflict has earned a bad reputation. The fear of conflict has grown so large and powerful in our society that often people become prisoners to this fear. They are so trapped in the fear of upsetting others that they deny who they are, their needs, and their views. When did we give the word conflict such power over ourselves and our world?

Let's stop the power trip and take back the word and make it what it actually is in its simplicity.

Random Acts Program

Our newest program at DeNome Alliances is calledRandom Actsand was inspired by a significant memory I have from when I was a child.
I can still see every moment of this memory as vivid as any movie on a screen. I was about 11 years old and I was in the front passenger seat of our car. My mom was driving and we were stopped in the left turn lane on the corner of North Dale Mabry Blvd and Columbus Drive in Tampa, Florida. To my left, there was an unkempt man sitting on a bucket placed on the median.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Will Never Hurt Me.........WRONG!!!

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Will Never Hurt Me.........WRONG!!!

The notion that words cannot hurt is absolutelyWRONG!The most powerful and constant force that we cannot escape is our language. Whether it's the words we say to ourselves in our heads, the words we say about ourselves aloud to others, or the words people use when speaking to us. These words thread into our consciousness and unconsciousness and not only create an emotional reaction but influence how we view ourselves and the world around us.

Stop Bullying

Bullying is a wide spread epidemic that effects children of all ages, spans into the collegiate level, and is found in the adult workforce.  Bullying knows no boundaries and is quickly increasing due to social media and the internet.
North Carolina is not immune to the trauma that is bullying. Bullying has increased in severity as well as frequency. So much so that on June 30, 2009 a new bill addressing school bullying was passed by the Senate and signed by Governor Beverly Purdue.

The Naked Truth

Reality:We currently live in a world driven by the media. From the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Magazines, TV shows, “Reality shows”, Commercials, Billboards, and everywhere.
Fantasy:We should all look like the men and women that we see in the media.
Reality:Everyday we are flooded by images and messages of the “ideal self”. The covers of magazines are consistently flashed with headlines stating “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days” or “How to have Flatter Abs.” These headlines are then plastered next to the picture of a celebrity that looks flawless.

Healthy Boundaries within Relationships

When people hear the word boundaries many times they view this as a bad thing. They define boundaries as limitations, blockades, or barriers. However, healthy boundaries within any relationships are essential to each person’s happiness as well as the overall success and well being of the relationship  
So rather than looking at boundaries as a negative thing, lets view them as the positives they can bring to our lives. Let’s reframe it and view it as its core components. A relationship is one person trying to connect to another person.
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