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Give Yourself the Gifts of Health & Happiness Without Spending a Fortune
A Tribute to My Brother
Is your relationship in neutral?
Are you and your partner disagreeing on how to parent your child? Unsure of how to handle these parenting disagreements?
Fun and Free Things To Do This Summer


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Give Yourself the Gifts of Health & Happiness Without Spending a Fortune

Guest Blog submitted by: Gabriel Patel. Gabriel is a cofounder of He created the website with a group of friends who share is desire to help people live happy, healthy lives.

A Tribute to My Brother

My older brother, Mark, passed away on March 1, 2014 following complications with a kidney transplant. I wanted to write something to read  at his funeral as a tribute to him and as a way for me to say goodbye.
A Tribute to My Brother
My earliest memory of my big brother, Mark, is when he came to live with us inFlorida after his car accident. I can vividly see him in his security guard uniform.

Is your relationship in neutral?

I was recently reminded about the true meaning of relationships. Ironically from two different men. As a female, a therapist, and a wife I am uplifted by reading the words of these two men and their views on marriage and relationships. I hope their words help you take your relationship from neutral to overdrive.
(Adaptedfrom Michael Webb, 2000)
Many people have the impression that as long as they are not yelling at their partner, beating them, cheating on them, or leaving huge messes around the house, they must be good spouses.

Are you and your partner disagreeing on how to parent your child? Unsure of how to handle these parenting disagreements?

Here are 7 tried and true steps to bridging the gap and taming the frustrations.
Step 1: Establish the TRUE goal
When talking about discipline the goal isn't as simple as deciding to spank or not to spank or to punish vs redirect. The goal is NOT to decide on these methods. These methods are the options on achieving your goal, but these are not the CORE goals.The true goal is actually to raise an emotionally healthy and socially responsible child.
Parents may be bogged down in the conflict and parents may misread the goal as to spank vs not to spank.

Fun and Free Things To Do This Summer

As the last day of school comes to a close we can now start to gear up for summer. After the first week of sleeping in most households inevitably begin to hear the whines and groans of "I'm bored!" What can you do with all this extra time? You have come to the right place for the most recent Fun and Free (or at least close to free) Things to Do This Sumer.
  • Lifetime Fitness (by Kooka Booth)
  • Lifestyle Family Fitness (Crossroads)
  • Fitness 19 (High House Rd and Cary Parkway)

Are We Meant To Be?

The idea of "meant to be" within marriage.

We hear this statement all the time. People will say "we were meant to be together". Or the way they met it was "as if it was meant to be".
The idea of something occurring without doing anything is a magical thought. The idea that by some magic or grand design two people were brought together and are meant to be together forever is very romantic.
Yet it is not that simple. The statement of "meant to be" implies something happened without effort.

Love is NOT a feeling

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about LOVE. It is a very romantic notion to think that love is a FEELING that can hit us like a truck and sweep us off our feet. The cinematic fantasy of someone coming into your life unexpectedly, wind blowing their hair, the sun bouncing off their face, and everything moving in slow motion is an image that we are flooded with on a daily basis. We are surrounded by such expectations in perfume commercials, love songs on the radio, romance on your favorite dramatic series, and characters in books.

Random Acts throughout 2012

Random Acts are always BIG in their impact on not just the person receiving or the person giving. Random Acts impact the world and our views of the world.
Below is a list of 26 Random Acts that have a BIG impact on us all.
We hope it provides light during momets of darkness.

Overcoming Seasonal Depression

The holiday season can be a joyous and sometimes difficult time of year. The winter months bring along the beauty of decorated houses, holiday excitement, and time with loved ones. They also can bring along the difficulties of decrease in temperatures, shorter days and longer nights, increase in financial stressors, increase in pressures to make resolutions for the new year, or sadness due to the loss of loved ones that are no longer here to experience the holidays.  
All of these factors as well as many more contribute to seasonal depression, also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Living a STUCK life

How long have you beenSTUCKliving a life that does not fulfill you, does not bring you happiness, and leaves you wishing for more?

Such a way of living is like quicksand on the pathway of depression, anxiety, regret, anger, and resentment. The longer you live aSTUCKlife the further down you sink into the quicksand. The further you sink the more debilitating it feels. The more debilitating it feels the more hope for change that is lost.

ASTUCKlife is far more common than people realize.

The quicksand in a
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