DeNome Alliances Counseling Center - It's Never Too Late, Or Too Early
"Even after the first session, I left feeling better than when I came in. Every time I leave here, I feel happier than before I came in."
~M.P, age 45
"Im here I know that at least one person will understand how I feel and help me make better choices."
~J.H, age 14
"I look forward to every session. It gives me a reason to get out of bed and I always feel better while I am there and after I leave."
~J.B, age 50
"I like the games we play that help me with my anger."
~B.B, age 10
"Finally, someone who understands me and does not judge me or make me feel guilty for how I feel or what I say."
~S.W, age 22
"I like that I get to play games, draw pictures, and talk about my feelings."
~B.B, age 8
"Our family always feels supported and like we are first priority. The therapist always goes the extra mile and truly cares about my child and our whole family."
~K.S, age 37
"I sincerely appreciate how she (therapist) helps my family and advocates to get us all the resources we need and will help us. She takes the time to contact the school, doctor, and explain things to me in ways that help me understand how to best help my family."
~W.J, age 62 (for N.L, age 13)
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