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Random Acts Program
As of June 2012, we are excited to announce the start of our new program called Random Acts.
The Random Acts Program was started to provide the community with resources and ideas, for positive human interactions that will inspire and motivate others.
It is also a place for people to share their stories of random acts of kindness and how it impacted their lives.
In a world filled with negative media we want to provide a place to highlight the positive acts within our world. We want to provide a more balanced picture of the kindness of the human spirit while spreading inspiration and hope. Join us by doing Random Acts in your community. Then share your story HERE.
Random Acts Scholarship
The program will provide people with the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to assist them in the delivery of their Random Act of kindness (small and large) towards others within their community.
To apply for the scholarship please email the following information to
  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone
  4. Email
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Detailed description of the Random Act you would like to deliver and how you plan to execute your plan.
  7. Estimated Cost for the Random Act
If chosen to receive the Random Act Scholarship, you will be required to provide the following:
  1. Detailed story of how your Random Act was delivered and what occurred.
  2. A testimony of what the experience was like for you.
  3. A photo to be added to the website
Random Acts Blog
The program will also provide people with a venue to share their testimonies of Random Acts they have given and/or received.
If you have ideas for Random Acts and would like to inspire others you can post them here as well. 
To share your experience or ideas email us at
We will review and post your experience on our website. Please feel free to include a photo as well if you would like.

If you would like to donate to the Random Acts Scholarship Fund you can do so below. All contributors will receive a letter stating their donation for tax purposes. Thank you in advance for your contribution.
Donations made safely and securely using Paypal.
Every day each of us has the ability to affect someone’s life in a positive way. It can be from a simple smile, a caring hug, a thank you, a helpful conversation, or a RANDOM ACT of kindness. The connection to each person you come in contact with means something. You may not realize it at first, it may not be tangible, and you sometimes become so busy with life that you forget it, but it is always there. What you do matters.
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