DeNome Alliances Counseling Center - It's Never Too Late, Or Too Early
Our team believes in providing full service therapy techniques to anyone wanting to live their best life. Below are a list of our products that allow consumers locally as well as around the world to equip themselves with therapeutic tools to help them reach that goal.
These tools can be used in collaboration with office-based counseling OR can be used on your own to take positive steps towards building your best life.
Self-Esteem Calendar
This beautiful and inspiring calendar provides year around motivational pictures, phrases, and reminders that you are worthy, you are wonderful, and you are loved. Calendar year starts from the month you place your order. Ex. If you order in August the calendar is for August -July. Order today for $10
Self-Esteem Calendar
12-months of motivations, encouragement, and inspiration
Price: $10.00
Words of Affirmation Text
Receive a year of monthly text messages that help boost your self-esteem, motivate you to keep moving forward, and praise you for all your hard work. Order today for $8
Words of Affirmation Texts
Monthly words of encouragement and affirmations straight to your phone
Price: $8.00
Smile Cards
Brighten up anyone's day with these colorful and fun smile cards. Show them how you support them if they are going through a difficult time, say how proud you are of them for their hard work, tell them something you appreciate about them. Each pack contains an array of 30 cards. Card measures 3.5 x 2 inches. Order today for $5 
Smile Cards
30 colorful and fun love cards to make someone smile
Price: $5.00
"10 Tips to Becoming The Best You" Workbook
This workbook is full of therapeutic techniques that you can utilize in the comfort of your own home. The workbook walks you through 10 steps to becoming the best you. It is a great jumping off point for anyone wanting to explore the therapy process as well as the way they think about themselves. Order today for $12
10 Tips to Becoming the Best You
Workbook with 10 step-by-step techniques to becoming the best you and achieving happiness.
Price: $12.00
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