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Counseling Workshops/Trainings
We offer workshops, trainings, groups, and continuing education programs for schools, professionals, organizations, and community groups.
A list of our current workshops are below. We can also tailor the below workshops or develop new workshops to accommodate your current needs.
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Workshop Descriptions
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Title: Let’s Play! The Use of Play Therapy to Assist in Improving Behavioral and Emotional Concerns 
Description: Play is the natural and universal way in which children learn, express themselves, relieve feelings of stress and boredom, connect to people in a positive way, stimulate creative thinking and exploration, regulate their emotions, and boost their ego (Landreth, 2002). In addition, play allows children to practice skills and roles needed for survival.
During this workshop, each participant will learn and practice several play techniques that may be utilized at home or in a professional setting. The interventions will focus on assisting children in improving behavioral and emotional concerns. Each participant will leave the workshop with a virtual toolkit to assist families in using play to increase concentration, minimize ADHD symptoms, improve communication, strengthen social skills with peers, improve understanding of natural consequences, increase self-esteem, improve impulse control, and decrease anger outbursts.
Title: Democratic Parenting: Avoiding Power Struggles and Nurturing Positive Relationships 
Description: Parenting is the longest and most demanding job in the world. It spans centuries and never has a recession or a vacation. During this workshop, professionals and parents will explore different parenting techniques and will learn the techniques and rationale behind democratic parenting. Myths, pros, and cons of democratic parenting will be discussed as well. The workshop will also review and assess our natural parenting habits and where they come from.
Title: Promoting Self-Esteem from Infancy to Adulthood 
Description: Self-esteem is the pillar of all behaviors, self-talk, and emotional reactions. It is associated with everything from self-mutilation, suicide, peer pressure, sexual activity, mood, body image, substance abuse, and much more. Self-esteem begins at infancy and is shaped and formed throughout a person’s entire lifetime. During this workshop, participants will learn how self-esteem is developed, diminished, and nurtured. They will learn how it connects through all cultures, genders, and economic classes. Lastly, participants will learn and practice interventions to promote positive self-esteem.
Title: Tick, Tock, There’s Always a Clock. Effective Ways to Manage Stress  
Description: From the time we wake up till the time we close our eyes at night we run our lives by a clock and the expectations we set for ourselves. Work, meetings, soccer practice, PTA, Girl Scouts, dry cleaning, cooking, parenting, relationships, friendships, and wait some “me” time. It’s run-run-run. This pace of life and life’s unexpected challenges causes stressful environments. During this workshop, participants will learn the negative effects of consistently stressful environments, as well as societal expectations vs. personal expectations, irrational thoughts, and effective ways to manage and decrease stress.
Title: Effective Communication: The Art of Confident Communication
Description: This practical workshop is for anyone who can benefit from more effective and assertive communication by learning how to influence others in a professional and non-confrontational way.  The program design enables participants to learn how to express their rights, requests, opinions, and feelings honestly, directly, and appropriately without violating the rights and self-esteem of others.  During this practical and participative workshop, participants will develop the necessary skills for facilitating open and honest communication, building relationships, identifying and having their needs met, and giving and receiving feedback in a constructive manner.
Additional Workshops:
  • Anti-Bullying within Schools
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • Effective Interventions for Direct Care Staff (ADHD, Anger Management, Peer Relations/Socialization)
  • Love Languages (for couples and families)
    What is your love language? Take this assessment to find out.
    Love languages assessment
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